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Livery Loans - Pony Pals & Perfect Partners

Our horse and pony loans are for children an adults who wish to lease-hire/loan a suitable horse from Lavant House Stables for an all inclusive fee.

Pony Pals: is perfect for children looking for a loan of one of our wonderful ponies.

Perfect Partners: a horse-loaning scheme for adults.

Both schemes are available to Lavant House Stables members only, with the horse or pony remaining on site and continuing to participate in the riding school.

All of our horses and ponies are kept outdoors naturally all year round, on large well maintained pastures with secure fencing and spacious field shelters. The horses and ponies are kept in compatible groups, which ensures good health and wellbeing –in the event of illness/injury or the need for isolation, stabling can be provided, otherwise they are kept as nature intended, outdoors and free to roam.

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