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All of our horses on arrival at Lavant House Stables go through a comprehensive training and schooling programme until they are ready to be gradually introduced into the riding school. Thereafter they continue to receive regular appraisals and schooling with our professional team. You have no idea just how much work we put into our horses before they are allowed anywhere near our precious clients!

With horses to suit all ages, abilities and riding levels, we pride ourselves on knowing and understanding our horses very well indeed. This ensures we can select the right horse for you at every level of your riding.

Our horses are kept outdoors all year round as nature intended, happy and relaxed, living in compatible herds on large pasture areas with spacious field shelters. Nowadays the general tendency is to meet with owner demand to isolate horses into stables at night and pocket-sized individual paddocks during the day = happy owners -v- unhappy horses.

If there is one thing we can do for our friend the horse, it will be to strive to educate the growing equine-owning sector that horses evolved to live outdoors in herds.

Also did you know at Lavant House Stables we are on the tiny 2.5% of ground that is the best ideal in the UK for horses? Our mixture of gravel, chalk and small amount of clay creates the best possible pasture for horses through its combined drainage system and quality of grass it produces, which equates to the Blue Grasses of Kentucky where the Americans breed their racehorses!

The benefits of this healthy lifestyle are plain to see, take a look at our lovely horses below.

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