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We are very good at sourcing, training and selecting horses to best suit our clients, so let us take the risk out of the whole process, both emotionally and economically for you.  Our reputation speaks for itself – moving into horse ownership is a big decision, use us to get it right.

Some of the horses listed below will be for sell to stay on site only, however we do sell off site to good homes.

There are excellent trial facilities pre purchase and we will guide you every step of the way, including through the vetting, equipping processes, and well beyond if you stay.

For the horses that remain on site, we can also help you sell and more often than not this will be to someone else here.  This takes all the pain out of the selling process and means not only will you continue to see your friend but you will also have the reassurance of knowing they will continue to receive the highest level of care and kindness.

We have wonderful horses available for sale, all listed below –  please give us a call for further information on 01243 530460 or email:

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