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What is Membership?

The unique membership we offer at Lavant House Stables is essential for all keen horse riders, whether aspiring or established. Whilst you do not have to be a member to horse ride with us, 99% of our 300+ weekly riders choose to do so. With your guaranteed riding slot, progress is swift through weekly sessions following a carefully structured development programme with your designated instructor. Also as a member you will benefit from a whopping 30%+ discount against non-member prices.

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Types of Membership

There are two types of membership – Group and Private – with variations within the two to suit individual customer requirements.

Group Membership

Horse riding with five others of similar age and ability – unlike other riding schools we do not mix adults and children together – these are one hour sessions which vary between flatwork and jumping – once of sufficient ability level to jump.

Group lessons are held after school, weekday evenings and both days of the weekend.

Private Membership

The forty-five minute sessions are best suited to adults who prefer to learn on a one-to-one basis and/or want to be fully in control of the exercises to be carried out. For example, some adults prefer not to jump.

All of the above types of Private Membership can be altered into “Semi-Private” which is when you share your private sessions with chosen others.

How the Membership Works


Just like most types of club you pay a monthly subscription via direct debit which covers the cost of your weekly lesson. Alternatively an annual payment can be made by any method and this enjoys a further discount of receiving one month free.

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Group Membership

Group membership is suitable for both adults and children.  Children in particular benefit from group membership because being taught amongst others is their preferred learning style in school ……

Private Membership

Private membership is ideally for adults who prefer to learn on a one-to-one basis.

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