Equine College or Workplace Apprenticeship?

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Equine College or Workplace Apprenticeship?

What does your future employer prefer?

There has been a big debate in the equine world over college-led equestrian education.  This debate focuses on how colleges prepare students for future roles in the horse industry.  We have interviewed many college leavers for roles and the majority have become disillusioned with the industry since leaving college because they feel they have had misleading careers advice.

College leavers we have interviewed feel they are being prepared for jobs that do not exist or are in rare supply.  This results in many going off to work in another industry altogether.  If we are lucky, we may be able to encourage some of them back when we open our doors to new recruits.

If you like working with people a riding school is a great place to meet people from different backgrounds and practice customer service.

A riding school is a great place to meet people from different backgrounds and practice customer service.

But when they do come back, it’s hard to match their expectations (what they have been sold at college) to the reality of working in a commercial yard.  So personally we would prefer to have the opportunity to work with these young people and show them the true operation of a business before this dissolution sets in.

Here are some thoughts to consider to see if an apprenticeship may suit you:

1. Earn Money

You will earn a wage straight away.  Going to college is expensive whether you live in or drive in every day.  If you don’t want student debt, you will need to undertake some kind of work alongside full-time study, unless your parents are able to fully fund you.

2. Quality Training

You are paid while you train for a qualification.  At Lavant House we also pay and help you train following the British Horse Society professional qualifications structure.  Something that is not provided by colleges but loved in the industry.

3. Bypass Interviews

There is a job at the end if you impress your employer.

4. More Work Experience

You’ll have more work experience than those at college, to help you get future jobs – and this is very attractive to equestrian employers.

5. Learn by doing

Some people learn better by doing or kinaesthetic learners, people who learn by doing things.  Apprenticeships will certainly have more hands-on practical experience.

6. Prove yourself

You will have already proven you know what it takes to work with horses.

7. Build your network

You will start building your network (people who are in the industry already and who can help you develop your career).

8. Meet new people

If you like people as well as horses, you will meet lots every day in a riding school from all different ages and backgrounds.

9. Develop Responsibility

You are responsible for own thoughts, away from teaching staff and have the opportunity to show initiative.

“The best way of learning about anything is doing”

Richard Branson

If this sounds appealing there are several openings at Lavant Houses Stables.  Due to our recent expansion, we are looking for 2 more apprentices, whom we employ in conjunction with the national equestrian training provider: Haddon Training.    We are also looking for 2 full-time trainee instructors/yard assistants.  Click here for full job descriptions and to download your application pack.

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