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Equine College or Workplace Apprenticeship?

What does your future employer prefer? There has been a big debate in the equine world over college-led equestrian education.  This debate focuses on how colleges prepare students for future roles in the horse industry.  We have interviewed many college leavers for roles and the majority have become disillusioned with the industry since leaving college because they… Read more

Want to work with horses…but parents don’t think it’s a career?

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Are you looking to work with horses but don’t have a horsey parent?  Does it make it tricky for you to make informed career decisions?  Is your parent worried you are making a big mistake choosing to work with horses? Remember parenting is a tough job, they want the best for you.  We understand.  We are… Read more

10 Tips to a successful career with horses

10 Top Tips to a successful career with horses

You are one of life’s lucky ones.  You’ve found your passion in horses!  You’ll be glad to know, passion is the single most important ingredient for a successful career.  This passion has probably been with you from a very young age.  You may have thought it your destiny to work with horses.  So never let anyone take… Read more

Donkey Diary: An unexpected arrival!

Dear donkey diary, I have been feeling so much better since I last wrote! I have been getting loads of attention it has been great! Now it is so cold I have my very own duvet at night that Mills straps to me so I am all snug and cosy AND, to top it off, I… Read more

Are you feeling unappreciated working with horses?

How do you feel when you are appreciated and recognised for something you’ve done well?  Do you remember the last time this happened on the yard? It’s so rare for people to feel appreciated in the workplace these days.  Whilst it’s not limited to those working with horses, the equine industry has got a reputation for lack… Read more

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