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Clare’s Pony Diary: Competition success!

As ever, life with Storm has been eventful! Most of it planned, some of it not so much…..like Storm’s unexpected and complete coordination failure resulting in him falling over his front feet, landing on his head and dumping me alongside! Gemma, who had witnessed my unceremonious fall, sternly turned round and in no uncertain terms… Read more

Why teaching people to ride, is more than that

Why teaching people to ride, is more than just, teaching people to ride The pressure of life can sometimes explode out of control.  Our clients see the yard as a sanctuary away from work, school and family commitments.  It’s a place where they can just be.  Switch off from the outside world and have some… Read more

Top tips to impress your yard manager

Are you a groom or instructor who is looking for career progression within the horse industry?  One of the main things to master is balancing your social life with the early starts.  If you have worked in the industry a while you will know burning the candle at each end just does not work.  Looking… Read more

Equine College or Workplace Apprenticeship?

What does your future employer prefer? There has been a big debate in the equine world over college-led equestrian education.  This debate focuses on how colleges prepare students for future roles in the horse industry.  We have interviewed many college leavers for roles and the majority have become disillusioned with the industry since leaving college because they… Read more

Parents don’t think horses is a career?

work for us

Are you looking to work with horses but don’t have a horsey parent?  Does it make it tricky for you to make informed career decisions?  Is your parent worried you are making a big mistake choosing to work with horses? Remember parenting is a tough job, they want the best for you.  We understand.  We are… Read more

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